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Global Business Card | Help's users to find the required Products & Services with videos and images fast & easy around the Globe|  

Technology often gives us innovative new ways to perform and do things, and when it comes to marketing and advertising, videos are there to bring us closer to the future. Whether if it’s just a short promo or an explainer video, it’s obvious to everyone, that video is the smart new move can also pass loads of information to your customers/prospects and that is what the Information Technology is mostly about too.


Your business card/visiting card should be online as well. The internet is the fastest growing new medium in the history of the world and you cannot afford to ignore the potential of it.


        Your Global Business Card includes all the information that you put on your business card/visiting card such as,          

                                          • Business Name,

                                          • Phone Numbers,

                                          • Fax Number,

                                          • Web Site,

                                          • Address,

                                          • E-Mail,

          Your Global Business Card has been enriched with Video-Image coupled with,          

                                          • Favorite GBC Number (subjected to availability),

                                          • Details about you, business and products,

                                          • Contact Person Details,

                                          • Broadcasted live,

                                          • Special offer,

                                          • Support and much more.

          Benefits of your Global Business Card,          

                                          • Develop a level of trust beyond what is possible in writing alone.

                                          • Experience increased visibility in search engines.

                                          • Show that you are keeping up with technology.

                                          • Instantly become more personable.

                                          • Demonstrate your expertise.

                                          • Become more memorable.

                                          • “Show” instead of “tell.”



Bring your business card/visiting card to life by getting your very first Global Business Card,


Everything about you, your business and products is made visible (because seeing is believing) through your Global Business Card to your clients and prospects, not for minutes but 24/7, 365 days a year. It’s an advanced way to convey your company’s full image-a comprehensive picture of who you are, and why it’s smart to do business with you.

That is why we ask, do you have one? (Global Business Card) If yes, we will help you share it with the rest of the business world.

Don’t settle for an ordinary business card make your card work smarter for you and give your products, brands and special offers the benefit of the “Global Business Card” experience and see the difference for yourself.

The unique product range that we offer, allow small & big business evenly, access to the online advantages usually enjoyed only by the major companies and large corporations. Even a GBC basic can help you stand out in the crowd.

Almost any small or big business can benefit from GBC online exposure resource including all business sectors related to automobiles, advertising, boutiques, beauty care, hospitality industry, real estate, health care, travel & tourism, shops / traders, finance and even job-seekers. The list is endless.