Your business card just got better!

We firmly believe that as each business around the Globe has a business card and every business card is smart enough to be a Global business Card.

Business card/visiting card is the first billboard that you make for your business and place it on the hands of people. As we know that these cards are means of introduction/contact and also help us spread information about us, our business, products or services.

A Plus quality information can be passed on through a video which is obviously the top most form available today. As the popular saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words,” you can guess how best and beneficial can a video be for you and your business. Your Global Business Card begins from there, having both image (could be of you, business logo, business card or product’s) and video (could be of you, about products /services or business set-up tour).

Technology often gives us innovative new ways to perform and do things, and when it comes to marketing and advertising, videos are there to bring us closer to the future. Whether if it’s just a short promo or an explainer video, it’s obvious to everyone, that video is the smart new move can also pass loads of information to your customers/prospects and that is what the Information Technology is mostly about too.