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On Crust brings to you an advanced business card: the Global Business Card for a sophisticated Global market, Pioneers of Global Business Card and World Business Directory.

We firmly believe that as each business around the globe has a business card and every business card is smart enough to get develop into the futuristic global business card.

Business card/visiting card is the first billboard that you make for your business and place it on the hands of people. As we know that these cards are means of introduction/contact and also help us spread information about us, our business, products or services.

A-Plus quality information can be passed on through a video which is obviously the top most form available today. As the popular saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words,” you can guess how best and beneficial can a video be for you and your business. Your Global Business Card begins from there, having both image (could be of you, business logo, business card or product’s) and video (could be of you, about products /services or business set-up tour).

Technology often gives us innovative new ways to perform and do things, and when it comes to marketing and advertising, videos are there to bring us closer to the future. Whether if it’s just a short promo or an explainer video, it’s obvious to everyone, that video is the smart new move can also pass loads of information to your customers/prospects and that is what the Information Technology is mostly about too.


Your business card/visiting card should be online as well. The internet is the fastest growing new medium in the history of the world and you cannot afford to ignore the potential of it.

Your Global Business Card includes all the information that you put on your business card/visiting card,

                                           Such as:

                                          • Business Name,

                                          • Phone Numbers,

                                          • Fax Number,

                                          • Web Site,

                                          • Address,

                                          • E-Mail,

Your Global Business Card has been enriched with Video-Image coupled with,

                                          • Favorite GBC Number (subjected to availability),

                                          • Details about you, business and products,

                                          • Contact Person Details,

                                          • Broadcasted live,

                                          • Special offer,

                                          • Support and much more.

Benefits of your Global Business Card,

                                          • Look your best for your customers and prospects, simple-effective,

                                          • Highly cost effective advertising investment,

                                          • Improves your online business presence,

                                          • Invite the world inside your business,

                                          • An improved customer experience.

Through your Global Business Card you can

                                          • Develop a level of trust beyond what is possible in writing alone.

                                          • Experience increased visibility in search engines.

                                          • Show that you are keeping up with technology.

                                          • Instantly become more personable.

                                          • Demonstrate your expertise.

                                          • Become more memorable.

                                          • “Show” instead of “tell.”

Bring your business card/visiting card to life by getting your very first Global Businesss Card,

Everything about you, your business and products is made visible through your Global Business Card to your clients and prospects, not for minutes but 24/7, 365 days a year. It’s an advanced way to convey your company’s full image-a comprehensive picture of who you are, and why it’s smart to do business with you.

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Almost any small or big  business can benefit from GBC online exposure resource including all business sectors related to automobiles, advertising, boutiques, beauty care, hospitality industry, real estate, health care, travel & tourism, shops / traders, finance and even job-seekers. The list is endless. Getting a GBC is as easy as 1,2,3!

World Business Directory

Today you will find various kinds of online directories that might offer information of varying interests. In such directories, you can find varied listings of businesses that are dealing in specific service areas.

Whereas, World Business Directory is very simple and beneficial as it can provide information at one place including videos and images of all the businesses, so that the user can make a quick decision without wasting much time, it is like one stop shop with A + quality business information.

If you wish to enlist your business on World Business Directory all you have to do is just get a Global Business Card and your business will be enlisted in your country, city and in the respective sector automatically.

World Business Directory is informative and useful with good presentation of businesses. It is updated frequently and also helps out with many useful businesses links.


You can also embed GBC CONNECTOR on web sites or blogs, by simply copy pasting the code of your Global Business Card generated for that purpose.

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(more exciting features are on the way for even better experience).

Business Card History

Modern business cards forebear, Visiting Cards, were created in China around fifteenth century. The Calling Cards (another name of Visiting Cards) were used by aristocrats. Their function was to announce the arrival of a visiting card owner to whomever he was visiting.

Although our world is big, it is still integrity, and everything within it is strongly interconnected. That is why it's hardly surprising that two century later visiting cards were adopted by the courts of England and France. Visiting cards became an essential part of etiquette of aristocrats and noble people of that time. It didn't take much time for Americans and the rest European countries to accept visiting cards as a part of etiquette, and terms of behavior connected to these cards were also base on English and French systems.

At that time handcraft was applicable to the process of creation of cards; they were produced in large number with printing presses, but before printing each card had to be created by hand. Instead of logos and emblems on modern business cards, visiting cards of that time were decorated with coats of arms that seemed masterpieces.

Aristocrats, however, were not the only class to have visiting cards. The visiting cards were considered essential accessory as early as in nineteenth century. No honorable gentleman or self respecting lady would go out without visiting cards. The common practice was to place a card holder in the front hallway so that everybody could see who was participating at the party and know with whom they could communicate.

In the beginning of seventeenth century, London gave birth to trade cards that further were developing simultaneously with visiting cards. At that age street addressing system did not really exist, so in addition to the information introducing a company trade cards have a map on them; the map was to show people the way to a company place. Meanwhile printing was becoming more and more advanced. Trade cards could be colored and better designed. They even happened to become the object for collecting. The hobby of collecting trade cards was getting increasingly popular and many companies started ordering cards with pictures, as baseball players, on one side, and contact information on the other side. It was the beginning of modern business cards design.

Trade cards

Originated in England in XII century

With the advent of trade cards at early XII century in London English merchants could advertise their goods and direct their customers to their shops just by placing a small map on trade cards. These maps were of great importance to both customers and merchants, because at that time no proper street numbering system was created. Speaking of that age it is necessary to mention that newspapers didn't gain recognition as advertising tool simply because they were undeveloped. People of that age had no electronic maps enabling to discover easily the location of the place they needed, so maps on trade cards were especially instrumental in this respect. 

From the technical point of view, printing of trade cards can be divided into several periods:      

 • In the beginning of XII century to print trade cards letterpress or woodcut method was used.

  Copperplate engraving replaced letterpress or woodcut method by the XIII century.

 • From around 1830 lithography allowing printing several-colored trade cards became the most popular method.

For almost two centuries trade cards were only done in monotones or sometimes with simple tints. In spite of the poor printing facilities, they still were in great demand. The trend to distribute trade cards was getting more and more topical as business grew.

The XIX century, however, was a different time, which determined the development of periodicals and newspapers. In the XIX century technological development made these media affordable and popular, which lead to the common recognition of newspapers' advertising. With the advent of the machinery that was so lavishly displayed and advertised trade cards became out of fashion and suffer decrease in the use, but they are considered to be ancestors of custom business cards and were spread throughout the England.

Visiting Cards

Originated in France in XII century

Visiting cards, as a matter of fact, originate from playing cards. Well, initially some playing cards functioned as visiting cards and coincided with them in seize. Visiting cards traditions started forming when people began writing messages, signatures and other notes on playing cards; it further developed in essential part of court etiquette.

French court accepted visiting cards or "" as means of introducing their holders, therefore they were skillfully decorated and adorned and were supposed to show all greatness of their owners. During the reign of Louis XIV (1643 to 1715) first visiting cards appeared and stably established in French court etiquette.

Visiting Cards, 17th century

 The upheaval or downturn of these business cards traditions and industry gives the idea of how society and science were getting more and more mature.

Originated in England in XII century

Visiting cards, as a matter of fact, originate from playing cards. Well, initially some playing cards functioned as visiting cards and coincided with them in seize. Visiting cards traditions started forming when people began writing messages, signatures and other notes on playing cards; it further developed in essential part of court etiquette.

Historical note:

Louis XIV, the King of France, was an arts supporter. He patronized writers and architects, such as Moliere and Jules Mansart respectively. Louis XIV, known the world over as "Le Roi Soleil" had gorgeous court at Versailles became an object of envy and awe among other princes.

Business Cards, 19th century  

Calling cards were adopted by Europe and America from French court etiquette. They were decorated gorgeously with splendid coat of arms and subtle ornaments. In 19th century visiting cards were commonly used by gentlemen and ladies of middle and upper class.

Peculiarities of cards in USA

In USA the difference between visiting cards and business cards was very distinguishable.

Visiting cards were associated with certain social level, and served to meet social obligations. They were also used as letters of introduction. The card tray in the hall of a house where a party took place was filled with visiting cards and enabled people to see who had called on. Hardly were visiting cards used among people of lower classes such as farmers or workers. That is why visiting cards in America had a flavor of affectation.

Personal business cards, in the same time, were very popular among business people regardless class. Using unique business cards instead of visiting cards during social call was thought rude and could be misinterpreted. For example, a color business card, left with the servants, could mean that you had called to collect a bill.